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Don’t think for a second that you are not equipped with driving skills. You are a talented person and you know that for sure. Your capacity for learning new things is exemplary and you can accomplish almost anything without experiencing any mess.

A good Gold Coast driving school will make certain that you will be up to speed in learning how to drive safely and securely.

Force 1 Driving School is an excellent driving school that houses trained professionals in vehicle handling and maintenance. We are certain you will learn the basics of responsible driving and proper road decorum quickly.

Our individualised driving lessons are top notch and will delight you starting from day one of your training.

Our cars and other practice vehicles are upgraded and fully updated to latest model standards and safety requirements. Your peace of mind is likewise assured with our seasoned driving teachers who will be riding along with you while you accomplish your driving lessons every day.


Peter Bruinhout, Force 1 Gold Coast driving school founder and operator, was a former police car pursuit driver dedicated in sharing his years of driving expertise to many who want to learn how to drive.

Both his passion for driving and patience for teaching paid off and his school, which is regarded one of the best in Gold Coast, gained popularity among the local residents in this region.

He, too, was a previous license examiner which means that not only will you learn defensive driving but also learn about road laws and traffic regulations. These are two topics that many driving schools treat as an “add-on” to their student-drivers’ curricula.

This is not true, however, with Force 1 Driving School and we will see to it that you learn and understand everything before you receive your driver’s license.

Never fret, too, over our enrolment fee since we will be providing you with special rates to get you started right away. And if you bring along a friend who also enrols in our Gold Coast driving school then we might give you a reward as our way of saying, “thank you”.

We promise your driving lessons will be easy and fun. And rest assure your driving skills will shine brightest as we carefully mould you into the road ranger you have always wanted to become.

Learn to drive with Force 1 Driving School today.

Call 0415 751 900 or e-mail for more information.