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If you are looking for a reputable driving school on the Gold Coast then look no further. The team at Force 1 Driving School will be providing you with outstanding driving lessons that will transform you into a competent driver the shortest time possible. You will be guided by Peter Bruinhout, founder and lead trainer, at Force 1 Driving School.

So what will you receive from Peter Bruinhout’s driving school and from his team of driving specialists? You will be receiving, of course, their school’s guarantee that your driving skills will be top notch. In addition to this, Force 1 Driving School will be providing you with customized driving courses so that you learn at your own pace without any pressure and without any aggression from your trainer.You will learn to drive with more confidence with driving lessons with Force 1 Driving School. This driving school located on the Gold Coast is an accredited Queensland Driving Training school. This means that your drivers’ license is recognized by Queensland Driving Trainers Association and proves that you are competent, and ready for your driving test.

What are the driving lessons that make up Force 1 Driving School curriculum? There are six main driving lessons that you have to undergo training with before acquiring your drivers’ license. These are the following:

(a) Basic safe driving practices;
(b) Responsible driving ethics;
(c) Road rules and applications;
(d) Parking techniques;
(e) Vehicle manoeuvring; and,
(f) Practical driving test (QSAFE).

Your experience as a student-driver will be excellent beginning on your first driving lesson. From there, Force 1 Driving School will proceed according to their planned curriculum or according to your custom learning profile. Your driving instructor will study your progress and will provide you with a rating sheet that will show information regarding your strengths and weaknesses – so you can measure what you need to improve upon.

You are then given the option of continuing with the driving school’s structured course, or customize your own driving lessons using your rating sheet as reference for a more personalized approach. In this manner, Force 1 Driving School is instilling responsibility, initiative, and maturity while in the early stages learning how to drive.

Peter Bruinhout, founder and lead trainer of Force 1 Driving School, was a former police pursuit driver and previous examiner. He is also an accredited driving instructor; hence, your lessons will be guaranteed to be best by professional standards and your defensive driving skills will be moulded to perfection.

Learning and driving with Force 1 Driving School are made easy and fun. With eleven years of experience in teaching people like you to drive with discipline and with safety, you will gain the confidence in achieving driving competency and be completely ready for your driving test.

Your road safety and intelligent driving are both concerns of Force 1 Driving School. Your driving education with Force 1 Driving School will be both intuitive and developmental in bringing out the real responsible driver in you.

Start thinking smart and learn driving with best results. Enroll with driving lessons at Force 1 Driving School, Gold Coast today and be a defensive road runner tomorrow.

Call Force 1 Driving School on the Gold Coast today at (07) 5574 9490 or at 0415 751 900 and enrol right now. You can also send them a note at for further enquiries on their driving lessons.