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Force 1 Driving School Gold Coast

What We teach at Force 1 Gold Coast

Force 1 Driving School are always ready in servicing your student-driving needs. We strive in doing this in keeping you abreast with our latest driving techniques and in training you with proper road discipline.

The following is a list of what student-drivers like you would be expecting from Force 1 Driving School; to wit:

a) Safe driving practices and information – Force 1 Driving School will begin every driving session with a review on the different types of safe driving practices and how these will affect your road awareness;

b) Responsible driving ethics – Force 1 Driving School is strict in enforcing proper road ethics to every student-driver. We do this always so that our students will be equipped with discipline and responsibility towards other road users;

c) Road rules application – Force 1 Driving School will train you in reading and in interpreting road rules and road signs, respectively. You and your trainer will be driving around the community while you are learning what road signs to look out for and knowing how to cope with them. Force 1 Driving School guarantees you in being a road ninja once your lessons are finished;

d) Parking techniques and manoeuvres – Force 1 Driving School will train you in properly parking your car without stressing yourself. Our school has developed a special training system that allows customised learning. This means that you will be proceeding in learning our techniques based on your current driving level. Force 1 Driving School does not tolerate aggressive training to scare off our students;

e) Tips and practices prior to taking your QSAFE test – Force 1 Driving School adopts a classroom approach in the conduct of our driving lessons. We will not immediately give any type of test without lectures and practice-driving sessions to ensure that our students will not forget what was taught to them. QSAFE is a Queensland Government regulated practical driving test given to students prior to receiving their driver’s licenses;

f) Printed copy of critical and non-critical errors – Force 1 Driving School dedicates itself in providing our student-drivers best methods in learning driving properly. You will be receiving a printed copy of your over-all driving assessment so both you and your trainer could analyse your problem areas and correct them before you take the practical test; and,

g) Track record keeping – Force 1 Driving School derives inspiration in training future professional car handlers by providing our student-drivers with their own track record for reference. This means that Force 1 Driving School will be providing you with a report card detailing your progress and marking down weak points that you need to improve on.

Force 1 Driving School is your best driving school in Queensland and we are encouraging you to enroll right now. Send us your email at or contact our office at (07) 5574 9490 or at 0415 751 900. We are eager to hear from all of you today.

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